* My software for doing the web site is Cool Page; you can download this and try it before you buy it; I can't say enough good things about it.

Hope you never need it but if you ever accidentally delete files or delete a partition or lose data another way and need to recover it -- GetDataBack is the software you need; this program saved me more hours than I can estimate by recovering data from a slave drive that had accidentally had the partition deleted; Windows wouldn't even read the drive, and I was able to easily recover everything I wanted.

Wishing you hadn't given away that particular version of Windows because now you need to boot your computer from an older version?   There's no need to fear.  Merely go to
BOOTDISK.COM  for boot disks, pc support, utilities. 

Searching for information on the web and you wonder how you can organize and remember all the sites you visited?  Go to "Favorites" on the Internet Explorer menu; click "organize favorites. . ."  click "make new folder" and give your new folder a name relevant to your search; then when you visit a site you want to come back to, click add, highlight your new folder, click okay,  and there you have it; if you want your new folder to be at the top of the add list; start it with an a; as is "A care for indoor plants"  "A file recovery tools" ;  to change the position of your new favorite on the drop down menu, just click and hold icon with left mouse button and drag to where you want it.

Irfanview :  This is an unbelievably helpful free program; I downloaded it to be able to change graphics file formats to jpg or gif so I could use on the web; is so much more, and did I say free; if you saw the lighthouse graphic on Home Page 2, the blue one; this graphic was a color and style that did not match; imported into Irfanview, some very fast and easy changes and it was good to go.  easy, easy, easy, powerful, powerful, powerful, have a picture or graphic that you want to use part of?  bring it into Irfanview, crop it, do whatever else you want and save it in a usable format in a location of your choosing; and yes Irfanview is FREE but for a VERY REASONABLE AMOUNT you can help support the author's work.

AZZ Card File:  Simple, powerful, cheap.  It works, does what it says. Format allows you to organize your data in a variety of ways; any data, text files, pictures, graphics, combination of all these; and it is so easy.

* Did you know that you can enlarge your viewing area while online by pushing F11?

* Did you know (I didn't until recently) that you can push down on the scroll key on the mouse and you can autoscroll while online and in some programs such as Cool Page, Word Perfect, etc.?

Did you know (I just learned) that you can copy the web address of the page you are currently browsing in Internet Explorer by merely pressing ALT + D to select then pressing CTRL + C to copy to clipboard.  Then you can go to wherever you need this information and right-click the mouse and select "paste."  Pretty nifty.

* I purchased a Microsoft Natural Multimedia keyboard because I was limited due to the injury to my right arm.  This keyboard is more ergonomic; fits natural contour of hands better.  Got it sale-priced at OfficeMax for $30.  Was it worth it?  Definitely!!!  This thing is great.

* Task Plus, a very easy to use -- free -- calendar program; starts from task bar.  Excellent.

* Looking for a good back up program -- 

* Please, please send me your tips and hints. . .

* Also check out
recommended sites for other goodies.

BAD NEWS:  My  Scanner and Camera Wizard disappeared.  Now how was I going to manage the pictures from my digital camera.  GOOD NEWS:  Serif PhotoManager 1.0 and EZ Photo Renamer.  Now I no longer worry about some quirky mishap leaving me wondering how I am going to print, rename and organize my picture files.  To check out these two excellent programs merely click the links. Actually as I looked for a place where you could purchase PhotoManager, it seems that Serif has changed this program to Media Plus.

Are you "googling" yet; Google seems at this time to be the best search engine; check it out at

* Please, please send me your tips and hints. . . 

See this "groovy" graphic to the left; made that in less than ten minutes with PhotoPlus 8; a paint program by Serif; paid $40 for the program and included a mini digicam; excellent value.  Check out Serif at www.Serif.com.  Also the two buttons above were made with PhotoPlus.  If you shop around you can find a better price than on their site.
Check out the new link This is a legitimate, free offer to scan your computer for viruses.  I recently switched to Pandasoftware's Titanium package and am very pleased.  As opposed to a more well-known program I had, this one does the job.

dave   093003
One of the best...free or otherwise that I have ever seen! 

And it is free!

If you want a very powerful Bible study program, then you gotta' check this out!

I googled it the other day while looking for reference tools for my Living by the Words of God study.

I am very impressed.  Powerful, feature-rich, easy-to-use and free.  The author, Rick Meyer, gives this program in the interests of spreading the Word of God!

There are some add-ons that cost a little, but I downloaded everything I have for free -- including books such as Barnes' notes, Vincent's Word Studies, International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, and much more.

Very impressive!

dave 12-01-03
Did you Know?

I did not know until recently that you can right click on any graphic on a web page and download it to your computer.  I called my web hosting service to see how I could make graphics available to people on my site and received this info.

Here is the process:

1.  Right click on a graphic
2.  Choose "Save Picture As..." option
3.  You will then be prompted to name and save this
      file in a folder on your computer.

Hot Tip:  Create a new folder on your hard drive for just this purpose.  Make sure you know where you create the folder so you can find it when you need it.

To create this folder.
1.  Right click on "start" button on lower left of
2.  Select "Explore"
3.  Choose your destination.  For instance if you want your new folder to be under "My Documents" then click on the "My Documents" folder so it is highlighted; then click on "File" at the menu across the top; click "New" then "Folder" and a new  folder will appear under "My Documents"; find the new folder and type in the name you want to give it such as "Wonderful free graphics from dave's web site that I don't know how I lived without before I could access them" or possibly something shorter.  :)

Now you are ready to download graphics to this folder as outlined above.

dave 121303